You are welcome

In Quaker worship there are no ministers or creeds. We first gather together in silence to quiet our minds – we don't have set hymns, prayers or sermons. Meeting for Worship is open to anyone and you are very welcome to our Meeting in Liverpool.

Our main meeting for worship is on Sunday at 10:30 and lasts for an hour. We also have a smaller, mid-week meeting for worship every Thursday at 13:00 which lasts for half an hour.


what is quaker worship?

Quaker's religious services are called Meeting for Worship and usually last one hour. There is no leader and we gather in stillness. Sometimes someone will feel moved to speak, and we call this ministry. But at other times, we will sit quietly for the full hour.

In stillness we look for a sense of connection. This might be a connection with those around us, with our deepest selves, or perhaps with God. Our worship may take us beyond our own thoughts and ideas to help us respond more creatively to the world around us.



children's meeting

Children and young people are a valued and vital part of the Quaker community.

Children are welcome to attend Meeting for Worship, but we recognise that staying still for a full hour can be a challenge for younger ones.

At Liverpool Meeting House we organise a special Children's Meeting on the first Sunday of every month to offer our youngest Friends a range of activities that run parallel to Meeting for Worship.  

NB. We have a safe-guarding policy to protect children and vulnerable people.


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what quakers believe

Our focus is on our experience rather than written statements of belief. Our sense of community does not depend on professing identical beliefs, but from worshipping, sharing and working together.

Our religious experience leads us to place special value on truth, equality, simplicity, peace and environmental sustainability. Quakers call these values 'testimonies'.

Quakers believe there is 'that of God in everyone' and therefore we try to treat everyone as equals regardless of sexuality, race, ethnicity, age, religion, social status or intellect.