Groups and Learning

Being a Quaker doesn't stop when you leave the Meeting House on a Sunday morning. Quaker activities, group meetings and events take place at the Meeting House all week. Quakers and friends are involved in all kinds of activist, social and spiritual activities. 



Experiment with light

Experiment with Light is a Quaker practice which was devised by Quaker and theologian Rex Ambler, following his study of early Quaker writings.

The core of the practice is a meditation that guides you through a series of self-reflection, and encourages the opening of heart and mind. 

Experiment with Light is often practised in Light Groups. Check with Shanthini for times and dates via


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liverpool young friends group

Liverpool Young Friends is a social and fellowship group for Quakers and attenders aged 18 - 39 years old. The group meets monthly to share dinner and discuss Quakerly topics from the perspective of younger Friends.

Everyone is welcome, whether you've just found out about Quakers or you were brought up in a Quaker family. We are an 

To find out more contact


peace work

We work with the Merseyside Peace Network, Northern Friends Peace Board and Quaker Peace and Social Witness. Northern Friends Peace Board is a Quaker initiative that runs activities throughout the North of England and Scotland to promote peace and challenge militarism. 

Contact Bernie Draper on for more about peace work in Liverpool. 

Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW) is a national charity that helps Quakers in Britain to build and support peace and development projects all over the work. 



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monthly bring and share lunch

Join us after Meeting for Worship on every first Sunday of the month for a bring and share lunch.

We like to bring and share vegetarian and vegan-friendly food and do not bring alcoholic drinks in order to be inclusive.

All welcome. 




children's meeting

Children and young people are a valued and vital part of the Quaker community. Children are welcome to attend Meeting for Worship, but we recognise that staying still for a full hour can be a challenge for younger ones.

We organise a special Children's Meeting on the first Sunday of every month to offer our youngest Friends a range of activities that run parallel to Meeting for Worship.  

NB. We have a safe-guarding policy to protect children and vulnerable people.



Be More Becky Memorial Fund

In August 2018 we sadly lost our Friend Becky. Although she was just 27 years old when she died, Becky left an impression on hundreds of lives. Her peace work and activism and the way in which she lived her short life provides inspiration to Friends everywhere. She is greatly missed.

Becky’s family has set up a fund in her memory which aims to help young people aged 18 to 30 to take forward her work.

To donate to Becky’s Memorial Fund click here.