Faith and Action

The belief and experience of Quakers is that the whole of life should be as sacred as the time spent in Meeting for Worship. This has led to much practical work on important issues.

Quakers at a local level

Our commitment to faith in action is demonstrated in a variety of ways and is founded on a strengthening in our faith and the belief of t“That of God in everyone” We host courses through out the year to allow people to develop their understanding of Quaker beliefs and principles. We are involved in both practical work and campaigns to support our testimonies.

Quaker Quest Course is a means to allow Friends and interested people to gather together to listen and consider the values and beliefs of Quakers.

An Experiment with Light group meets twice monthly (1st and 3rd Wednesdays)

Hearts and Minds prepared is designed to help new and longer term attenders to develop a deeper understanding of Quaker worship and practices.

Becoming Friends provides a flexible method of deepening understanding on an individual or small group basis.

If you are interested in any of the above please talk to one of the Clerks, Elders or Overseers or contact the Outreach worker by phone of email.


Our testimony to peace is currently focused on the rise in militarism and the Liverpool Quaker Peace Group is committed to developing our relationships with other peace based organisations. We also have a number of events planned – visit the news and events section of this site for more information.

We have a long history as a Meeting house in opposing war and can go back to the time of Ellen Robinson, a member of this Meeting House, who in the 1880’s campaigned for Peace and established the Liverpool and Birkenhead Women’s Peace Movement. Ellen campaigned internationally but we today have kept that tradition going and are committed to working with other voices locally to campaign for peace.

Social Witness

At present we are exploring how to support calls for a more equal society and have established links with Hope Food Bank and the Whitechapel Centre.

Quakers have supported and campaigned for many other causes which encourage respect and dignity for people otherwise abandoned. From more than two hundred years ago, Quakers have campaigned against slavery, and current work concerns prison reform, homelessness, and poverty in Britain. British Quakers are currently actively engaged in the campaign for equal marriage.

We believe that with greater spiritual understanding there comes a need to engage with others. In showing respect for others we can involve ourselves in the community and contribute by listening and offering help.


Quakers have always been concerned with how their lifestyle impacts on the natural environment or contributes to injustice and conflict. Prominent 18th century Quaker John Woolman only wore undyed clothes because of his concerns over the dyeing process. In 1772 he said:

“The produce of the earth is a gift from our gracious creator to the inhabitants, and to impoverish the earth now to support outward greatness appears to be an injury to the succeeding age.”

Quakers today continue to strive to live simply. This might mean not using a car, refusing to fly, adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and resisting our consumer driven society. Informed by available scientific evidence many Quakers also campaign for better environmental policies and for the rights of the poorest and most vulnerable in the world already affected by climate change.


Liverpool Quakers support Transition Towns Network. The group meets monthly (usually the 2nd Wednesday of the month) at the Meeting House. Find out more about Quaker activity on sustainability

Recent Events

You can find out about recent and forth coming activities by visiting the News & Events section of the website.

Faith and Practice

This book describes the practices and procedures used by Quakers, offer inspirational extracts from Quaker literature, and contain “advices” and “queries” (guidance and questions to help Friends examine themselves and their lives as they strive to live more fully in the Light).