Outreach Discernment Day

7 July 2012

LIVERPOOL QUAKER MEETING’S VISIONING DAY, Saturday 7TH July 2012 at Liverpool Quaker Meeting House.

The day was facilitated by Alistair Fuller, BYM’s national outreach officer, and was attended by around 25 Liverpool and Area Meeting Friends, as well as many of our ecumenical partners in Liverpool, as it was felt important that we could not and should not address our outreach without discovering first hand how we, as quakers are perceived and, we hoped, valued, as we should value them.

We learned a huge amount about each other and about how we can share and communicate our Quaker faith more effectively…whilst also managing to thoroughly enjoy the day. We owe a huge thanks to Alistair for giving so generously of his time, his wisdom and his experience.

As was to be expected, we finished the day with more questions than answers and felt the need to let all our thoughts settle and, when they are ready, translate into action. The discernment was, it seems, that we have much to do, and that the day was but the start of a new energy within our Meeting which we must nurture.