Sustainability Symposium

8 October 2012

The Symposium sought to highlight how we can all make a difference in terms of energy efficiency and also in terms of reducing our carbon footprint. The event had already featured on the Calendar over the last two years, organised by the group ‘Transition in Towns’. Now, we as Quakers, felt the need to show our commitment and encourage others to consider the impact we have on this earth.
The Day was organised so that we could move from consideration of what we are doing and can do as individuals through to local Community issues and then to the wider Global Community context.
There was an excellent response and the day was well attended. There was an opportunity for us all to discover new ideas and practical advice on how to make a difference.
The Symposium will hopefully lead on to further activities which will encourage us as Quakers to get more involved and also to support groups that have long established their commitment to working in this area.
Transition in towns regularly meet at the Meeting House and you are welcome to come along and get involved.
For further details please contact Margaret Smith –
Documents and associated materials from the Sustainability Symposium have been placed in a dropbox account for easy access to all who are interested and are also available by contacting Margaret.

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