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  • John Highfield Memorial Meeting

    20 November 2013

    On Saturday 7th December from 10.30am Liverpool Quakers will be holding a Memorial Meeting to celebrate John’s life. Memorial Meetings are held in the manner of Meetings for Worship for the purpose of giving thanks for the life of a friend who has died.

  • Drone Wars UK - Chris Cole speaks at John Hamilton Memorial Peace Lecture

    11 June 2013

    3rd October at 7.00pm
    Chris Cole, founder of Drone Wars UK and member of Pax Christi talks about the increased use of armed drones and how this is being challenged in the UK.

    This is the 4th John Hamilton Memorial Peace Lecture. John Hamilton was a member of Liverpool Quaker Meeting a teacher and a politician widely respected for his values and commitment to peace and education.

    This event is free but numbers are limited – please book your ticket here: DroneWars UK
  • Sarah and Matthew

    11 June 2013

    On Sunday 16th June We are very pleased to be celebrating the marriage of Sarah and Matthew which took place at Keswick Meeting house in March of this year. We take this opportunity to celebrate all committed relationships. All are welcome – there will be a bring and share lunch after the Meeting

  • Quaker Peace Worker: Forces Watch and War Resisters International

    5 June 2013

    July 2nd at 7.00pm at the Meeting House

    Owen Everett, a Quaker Peace Worker will talk about the work of Forces Watch and War Resistors’ International. Owen is an inspirational Speaker who gets right to the heart of the problem.

    How can we
    address the militarisation of our society?
    stop the UK military recruiting under 18s?
    support and build a network of peace work?

    This event is free – but numbers are limited click here to book

  • Time Banking - A Transition Town Event 8th May

    30 April 2013

    Time banking enables people to help each other by exchanging time rather than money. Find out how this works in Liverpool. Speakers Siobhan Riordan and Stephanie Rooney.

    Transition Town events happen on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. This is part of the programme of Wednesday events. The talk starts at 7pm with a simple meal from 6.30pm, there is a Meeting for Worship from 6-6.30pm which all are welcome to attend.

  • Spirituality at Liverpool Pride

    17 April 2013

    Spectrum of Spirituality multi faith events in support of Liverpool Pride will take place at the Unitarian Church on Ullet Road this year. The Service, incorporating worship from LBGT friendly faith groups will take place on Thursday 1st August at 7.00pm the service will follow the Super Heroes theme of Pride this year and is called “The Hero Within”. Arts events and a stall are also planned – more details as this develops. If you or your faith group would like to be involved contact outreach@liverpoolquakers.org.uk for more information.

  • Arundel Avenue and TANN

    17 April 2013

    On Saturday 6th April members of The Avenues Neighbourhood Network gathered at the Burial Ground to spend a few hours weeding, pruning and clearing up. Thankfully it was a beautiful day. TANN hope to be able to plant fruit trees and perhaps soft fruit on the area of land not currently in use. It was good to see the development and deepening of friendships as the work progressed. We are hopeful that our relationship with the group and their use of the Burial Ground will continue.

  • Cross Walk

    17 April 2013

    Cross Walk 2013

    We were pleased to take part in Cross Walk with other members of the City Hub on Easter Saturday. The event was planned as an opportunity to encourage people to reflect on current concerns on peace and equality as well as to think about the nature of sacrifice. Our placards certainly drew a lot of attention and there were some lively discussion as well as lots of good wishes. It was great to have members of the public joining us for all or part of the walk and to spend time with people from St Brides’, Somewhere Else and St Nic’s (to name just a few).


    21 February 2013

    There is so much to tell about this wonderful weekend, not least the fellowship: getting to know each other better and making new friends. This was facilitated by the brilliantly prepared and delivered programme of study and worship sharing.

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    21 December 2012


    Lisa Hoyle has been appointed as part time Outreach Worker to Liverpool Quaker Meeting. She commenced work on the 1st March 2013. Bernard Thomas, currently EDM, will continue in his role until 31st May 2013, with a three month overlap with Lisa.

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  • Sustainability Symposium

    8 October 2012

    We as Quakers believe we should try to live a more simple and sustainable life. We appreciate that there is vast inequality in the World and that our existing lifestyle and needs put a great strain on the World’s resources. On September 29th we organised a Sustainability Symposium to allow us to consider this important issue

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  • Mindfulness in Schools Report

    14 August 2012

    All Together Now:
    For the past year Liverpool Meeting has been supporting All Together Now, a small project to deliver Mindfulness to Liverpool schools. Whilst Mindfulness is central to Buddhist practices this project builds on the secular approach which has been developed primarily for adults and is beginning to be used across a range of health and care services in the UK.

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    11 August 2012

    A garden party, for celebrating loving Liverpool and Liverpool loving you, took place on Saturday 11th August 2012, in the afternoon at St Lukes bombed out church in Liverpool.

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    3 August 2012

    Interfaith Event SEA CHANGE- be the change you want to see. A wonderful, inspiring event, with the many faiths in Liverpool and surrounds getting together for a combined worship, followed by a meal and socialising. Organised by the Spectrum of Spirituality.

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  • Outreach Discernment Day

    7 July 2012

    On Saturday July 7th we held a day for discernment on ‘Outreach’, the sharing of information on Quaker convictions, beliefs, practices with others. All Hardshaw and Mann members and attenders were invited to the day, particularly Liverpool members and attenders. Liverpool Meeting’s ecumenical colleagues were also invited. We learned a lot about how the Meeting and the Meeting House are perceived and how we can imorove that.

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  • Easter Walk

    7 April 2012

    At 2pm on Saturday 7th April, the Saturday before Easter Sunday, the City Hub (of which Quakers are very much a part!) held an Easter walk through the city centre, called “SEVEN”. The theme was nurturing our spiritual strength during this period of economic hardship. Starting outside the Quaker Meeting House, there were stops along the route for readings and prayers, at Chevasse Park, the Law Courts, Holy Corner, Williamson Square, St Johns Market, Church Alley and finally the Quaker Meeting House.

  • Hardshaw and Mann Area gathering – Glenthorne, Lake District

    15 March 2012

    The area gathering met on the weekend of the 24th February and had as its focus ‘Wordsworth, Quakers and Poetry’.

    Friends attended from Liverpool, St Helens, Wigan, Warrington and the Isle of Man. It was an excellent weekend which allowed us to have a closer look at Wordsworth’s poetry and to tramp around the hills that inspired his work. There were many varied activities including a visit to Dove Cottage, with an excellent talk by the archivist of Wordsworth’s works. The talk had been carefully researched and showed that there were quite a few links between Wordsworth and the Quakers. Thanks to Rosemary, Bernie and Ed for making it all work so well.

    For a fuller account see Rachel’s contribution in the March Newsletter for the Area meeting.

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