Terms and Conditions of Business

1. In these conditions “you” and “your” means the person and organisation named in the invoice and if it is unincorporated includes its officers, committee and members; “we”, “us” and “our” refer to the Liverpool Preparative Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers); “the Warden” means the person carrying out the duties of Warden of the building; “the building” means The Quaker Meeting House at 22 School Lane Liverpool L1 3BT.
2. An obligation undertaken by more than one person is undertaken by them all.
3. The building is primarily a place of worship. Smoking, gambling and the consumption of alcohol are forbidden.
4. The sale of any article, commodity or service is not permitted without the prior consent of the Warden.
5. The hire is not transferable. It is not intended by us or you to create a tenancy.
6. You agree to pay the hire fees for the use of space in the Building. Unless stated otherwise on the invoice payment in full is due at the time of booking. Any unpaid hires will not be honored.
7. Cancellations:
3 weeks prior to the meeting : 10% payable
2 weeks prior to the meeting : 25% payable
1 week prior to the meeting : 50% payable
24 hours prior to the meeting : 100% payable

8. We reserve the right to cancel any hiring without paying any compensation or incurring liability in respect of such compensation. If we cancel any hiring we will refund any hire charge paid by you.
9. We retain right of access to all rooms during the hire period.
10. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any person or persons and to require any person or persons to leave the Building when so requested.
11. The hire of a kitchen is a hire of the facilities only. Such a hire is not an exclusive hire. All comestibles must be supplied by the Hirer.
12. The period of hire starts and ends at the times stated in the invoice and includes any time required for preparation of rooms or equipments and for cleaning up and restoring the room afterwards.
13. Furniture may only be moved with the prior consent of the Warden. You are responsible for arranging for the movement of the furniture and for restoring it to its original location.
14. Nothing may be fixed to the fabric of the building without the Warden’s prior consent and only then by means of a fixing which causes no marking or damage to the fabric of the building or to its decorative repair.
15. Dangerous or noxious substances may not be brought onto the premises.
16. With the exception of “sensing animals” animals are not allowed on the premises.
17. The Hirer must comply with Local Authority and other statutory regulations. Fire exits and stairs must not be blocked. The Hirer is responsible for the safe evacuation of their group in the event of an emergency.
18. You are responsible for your possessions and those of your group whilst they are in the Building. We do not accept any responsibility for theft, loss or damage to any personal possessions. All personal possessions are to be removed from the Building by the end of the Hire.
19. The Hirer is responsible for all claims for injury and damage to persons or property whether caused wilfully or accidentally by the users or their agents or servants arising directly or indirectly out of their activities in connection with the use of the Building and will indemnify us against all claims and costs.
20. The Hirer is responsible for reimbursing us in the event of damage to the Building by those attending or organising the function.
21. The Hirer is responsible for keeping good order during the Hire and must provide adequate stewarding and supervision to guarantee such order.
22. Consideration must be shown at all times for other users of the Building.
23. The Hirer must make clear in any advertising that the event(s) are organised by the Hirer and not us.
24 We will not be liable for any loss suffered to the Hirer due to the failure of any mains services, the breakdown of machinery, leakage of water, fire, government restrictions or Act of God which may cause the building to be closed or the use of to be interrupted or terminated.
25. Outside catering is not permitted.


The following rooms are available and can be booked separately or it is possible to book a number of rooms up to and including the whole building.

Large Meeting Room – up to 130 people

Small Meeting Room – up to 60 people

Library – up to 16 people

The Institute – up to 60 people

Lecture Room – up to 24 people

George Fox Room – up to 25 people (available on an hourly basis)

Elizabeth Fry Room – up to 8 people (available on an hourly basis)

William Penn Room – up to 4/6 people (available on an hourly basis)

Session Times are 9-12.45, 1.15-5 and 6-10